I suffered in silence with a debilitating disease for over 15 years called migraines. Anyone who has ever had a headache knows how discomforting those feel but a migraine is totally different it’s like a headache on steroids. I’ve always wanted to get to the root of the pain but couldn’t find a way out. I was medicating myself almost on a daily basis with pharmaceutical medication and couldn’t bear the pain any longer. With those migraines, I became depressed, fearful, and completely lost. I believed for years that God was mad at me for something I did.

My perspective was completely inadequate, and because of this, I would see things happening to me and not for me. When you see things happening to you, you become a victim but when you see things happening for you, you become empowered, you become a creator. I decided to create a different perspective through all my pain. I had to turn my vices into virtues.

Today I’m healed and free from migraines, depression, anxiety, and fear. Those who know what I’ve been through know why I’m so passionate about health and wellness. I didn’t realize that a simple food change would heal me from emotional and painful trauma. I’m a living testimony that God is a healer from all diseases. I am happy to say, since then I have completely come off of animal products (meat and dairy).

I don’t look at life the same anymore, I’m more appreciative of God’s nature and I’m more fruitful in the earth. I know my assignment is to help others change the way they think about their life and to help them eat things of value (REAL FOOD), and what’s going to bring healing to their soul.

You have to want to heal from the inside out. I’m free from the Standard American Diet which I call the S.A.D. diet. I spend countless hours researching as much as possible so I can help the next person. All of the pain and suffering I’ve dealt with for so many years was over in a matter of a moment. All praises due to the most High God!

Peace and Blessings,


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